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The application for a mortgage loan

If you are well prepared, you will receive a reply more quickly. In principle, the institution providing the loan will ask you for the following documents in order to react to your request for a mortgage:

  • Identity card or passport, B or C permit, family book (livret de famille)
  • Copy of a salary affidavit if you are a salaried person
  • A copy of your last tax return
  • If you are self-employed, your last three annual accounts and profit and loss accounts
  • A confirmation of your personal funds/assets
  • An extract from the Land Register and Land Survey Plan (plan cadastral)
  • An extract from the register of division of ownership if you are buying a property in a building with condominiums
  • The calculation of cubic meters (m3 SIA)
  • A copy of the building insurance policy
  • Plans of the object
  • The sale file and photographs
  • A copy of the regulations for the building if you are buying a property in a building with condominiums
  • An affidavit that you are not subject to proceedings from the Office des poursuites (the Swiss execution department responsible for conducting proceedings against persons not engaged in trade)
  • If you are buying a buy-to-let property, a rental status and the most recent trading account (compte d'exploitation)
  • Possibly a surveyor's report
  • An affidavit of possession of a type 3 contingency arrangement if required to pledge as security
  • An affidavit of benefits from the pension authority and the regulations if required to pledge as security

This list is not exhaustive. It can vary depending on the type of property that you want to buy (flat, villa, residential building, commercial premises, building plot, etc.). The broker may provide you with certain documents.

© Esther Lauber, Real Estate Trustee with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training, real estate broker


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