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As brokers, we have a perfect understanding of the current property market and we have the necessary expertise to properly assess and market your property. We sell villas, apartments, commercial premises, investment properties and land. We develop proven sales strategies that are tailored to your object of sale. Your property, that you have spent time and care maintaining and preserving for years, deserves a quick sale at the right price

We offer the following brokerage services:

Joint visit

During an initial joint visit, we gather all the relevant information and data and we will answer any questions you may have as well as clarify any outstanding issues related to the sale.

Assessment of the current market price

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your property and discern all the characteristics which make up its value. We will then assess the current market value.

Sales and marketing

We develop a well-thought-out marketing strategy for your property and we outline our method for ensuring a successful sale. Through targeted advertising and a well-defined customer base, we can shorten the time to market. We arrange visits with pre-selected, seriously interested people. In addition, we have a valuable network of existing relationships with potential buyers. All offers are published on our website in French, English and German. When creating the sales record, we take into account all the important physical, technical, legal and financial aspects that justify the offer price. We answer questions from potential buyers competently and conscientiously.

Expert advice

We advise you on the purchase price to obtain and inform you how you can best prepare your property for viewings. You can count on our support and our professional conduct at all stages of the sales process. We relieve you of all the administration work and answer all your questions. We provide you with regular updates on the progress of the sale. During sales negotiations and the drafting of the sales contract, you benefit from our many years of professional experience and our expertise in this area.

Purchase offers

We conduct sales negotiations with potential buyers and support them in applying for a mortgage with their credit institution.

Contract for sale

Once the buyer has received the loan commitment, we send all the relevant information to the notary so that he/she can draw up a draft deed of sale. We review and discuss its contents together. Once all the changes have been made, we can agree a date to sign the contract and hand over the keys.

Submit your property to a selected target audience and secure the best result. We have customers already waiting to see your property. Contact us and take advantage of our many years of professional experience as well as our in-depth knowledge of the current market.

Call us to make an appointment for an initial meeting on 022 300 06 74. You can also send us an e-mail. Esther Lauber, Real Estate Trustee with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training, real estate broker


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