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Marketing and commercialisation

The property manager is responsible for the initial letting or re-letting of a property. The lettings manager must develop a well thought-out marketing strategy adapted to the type of property, especially in the case of an unusual letting. For the first letting of several properties in a new rental property, a marketing concept must be developed. This is often done by an estate agent or property manager.

Preparing documentation

The property manager or estate agent creates documentation. It contains important information such as the description of the property, location, photos, plans, etc. At the same time, a draft tenancy agreement can be drawn up.

Determining the terms of the tenancy agreement

Before renting a property, the terms of the rental agreement must be determined. The terms vary depending on the type of property and must comply with tenancy law and in some cases be negotiated with the future tenants. Rents must be calculated in line with the market, must at least cover costs and must not be abusive. In the case of subsidised or rent-controlled dwellings, the applicable rules must be observed.

Preparing the property for rent

A flat, detached house or business premises may need to be renovated before the property is offered for re-letting.

Advertising and virtual tour

Advertising must be targeted and adapted to the clientele sought and differs according to the type of property. Advertising activities must be planned, executed and monitored. Advertisements and promotional materials must be carefully prepared and written. A video and virtual tour can be created. Example: Virtual tour house for rent, example

On-site visits

Interested parties should contact the agency for further information. A site visit can be arranged and is essential for decision-making. A video or virtual tour cannot replace a site visit. The terms of the lease can be negotiated during or after the meeting.

Applying for a lease

After the viewing, the prospective tenant completes and signs the rental application and provides all necessary documents to the property manager. The property manager checks the applications thoroughly. Selecting a tenant is particularly difficult if there are several suitable and solvent applicants.

Establishing and concluding the tenancy agreement

The final tenancy agreement must be drawn up and signed by the tenant and the landlord. The tenant hands over a bank guarantee and a copy of the liability insurance policy to the property management. The first rent is to be paid and the date for the handover with the preparation of a handover protocol and the handover of the keys is to be agreed.

The work of a property manager is very varied and entertaining. Read our other articles about the job of a building manager.

 © Written by Esther Lauber, Real Estate Trustee with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training, property manager, Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland, translated from Germain to English with (free version) and corrected

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