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What does a property management technician do

The property management technicien takes care of the maintenance and value preservation of the building and takes care of the planning, coordination, organization, contracting and control of the work.

Regular property inspections

The technical property manager regularly inspects and checks the property on site, both inside and out. During these inspections, he discovers, among other things, repairs that need to be made. He makes an inventory of the work.


The real estate manager handles ongoing maintenance, repairs, renovations and remodeling. He meets with the competent craftsmen on site for obtaining quotations and inspections. He then checks the offers for completeness, analyzes and compares them. The work must be planned, coordinated, organized and awarded to competent and reliable companies. Follow-up and checks on the quality and good execution of the work are also part of the job. The invoices of the craftsmen must be checked.

Laws and regulations

Laws and regulations must be followed. A building permit is required before certain work can begin. The real estate trustee is often in contact with the various government agencies, such as the building authority, the cantonal energy office, the fire and rescue services, etc.

Maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts are concluded for specific work, e.g. maintenance of elevators, ventilation, roofs, cleaning of drains and sewers, etc.

Acceptance and handover of rental properties

The property manager meets with the tenant for a preliminary acceptance and informs him about his obligations and the procedure for the final acceptance after moving out. He draws up an acceptance or handover protocol and hands over the keys. Afterwards he organizes the necessary work.


The building manager works closely with the janitor. He draws up the specifications, orders the cleaning products and organizes the maintenance of the cleaning machines. He gives instructions to the janitor and organizes his replacement during his absence.

Handling of damage cases

In the event of damage, the property trustee first organizes immediate intervention to prevent consequential damage, for example in the event of water damage. He prepares a report on the spot and takes photos. The damage must be reported to the insurer. Estimates for repairs must be requested and sent to the insurer. Sometimes the insurer sends an expert to the site. The work of a building manager is very varied and entertaining. Read our other articles about the building manager profession.

 © Written by Esther Lauber, Real Estate Trustee with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training, Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland, translated with (free version) and corrected


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